Monday, October 27, 2008

Snake Pit at BCM Horror Film Festival

Snake Pit screened on October 25 at BCM Horror Film Festival. As part of the Viscera 2007 compilation DVD, Snake Pit has found a way to hit a much bigger audience.

Here are some of the reviews about the Viscera 2007 compilation DVD. 

"The Viscera Film Festival is one that not only has a unique vision but the strength of the entries to back that vision up and that terrifying combination makes the project a very thrilling prospect for horror fans...of both sexes." Bloody Disgusting

"...the films on Viscera are stand-alone and awesome, each with a very distinct flavor and tone.  This proves that women's interests in horror are as varied as Shannon Lark's wacky and colorful creations and Brandy Rainey's chilling story of traditional horror survival." Pretty Scary

"It's about time someone showed that women can do horror just as well as the good ol'boys, and this grouop of women filmmakers definitely represent the "new wave" of horror." Fatally Yours

I just love getting emails from Fangoria Magazine's 2009 Spooksmodel, Shannon Lark informing me of Snake Pit's screenings across the US. She coordinates the Viscera Film Festival and the Chainsaw Mafia which put together the compilation DVD and has been the driving force for it's distribution. 

I highly recommend submitting your horror shorts to the Viscera Film Festival. (Deadline is December 31, 2008.)  They are obviously serious about helping women filmmakers hit the target market. 

Friday, October 10, 2008

Official Launch of

It is official!!!!  OurSpiritualAdventure just launched.  

Our Spiritual Adventure is a community of storytellers who inspirationally journal and vote their favorite stories and characters into screenplays, webisodes, and feature films that will awaken the World. 

Our Spiritual Adventure empowers grassroots storytelling with cutting edge, Web 2.0 technology to deliver inspirational stories from its community to the a world-wide audience.

Free membership allows a user to share their personal stories and inspire the fictional character and plot development of Skye and her friends as they travel their spiritual journey to real world places of power. "Reality is often best explored through fiction."

Check out the 1st Webisode. 

Our Spiritual Adventure was birthed out of the collaboration of the 1st Bootstrap Film Festival. Fellow Bootstrap filmmaker/entrepreneur, Jason Howell and I discovered a synergy when putting together the festival.  In preparation for the event we talked for hours about Bootstrapping, Films, Distribution and how it all comes together. We began to compile our ideas into a book titled, Bootstrap Film, which we are continuing to build upon.  

We shared ideas about projects that we wanted to work on and between my creative vision and his web solution skills, OurSpiritualAdventure was born.  We both understand that distribution is one of the most important pieces of the filmmaking process and it is the part that most often leads to the failure of most independent film projects.  

We felt that it was critical to build an audience first, provide value for them, and get their input and have them involved with the process. Once an audience is established then the funding and the distribution will be much easier. It will also put us in a more powerful place when ready for distribution, if we can say that we have a particular number of fans willing to see the film.  

I recently heard a talk at a Reel Women meeting with guest speaker, Sarah Green. She is the producer for Terrence Malick's most recent film, Tree of Life.  She shared with us that the key to independent film was about minimizing the risk.