Monday, June 9, 2008

Bootstrap Filmmaker Leveraging the latest in Web 2.0 Technology

Technology just keeps providing more and more opportunities for filmmakers. I am still learning new stuff everyday about how to use the internet to expand my thinking around traditional ways of doing business. Today I added a Donation button to my website requesting that people interested in inspirational content in the world contribute to my next film project, Ten Thousand (working title).

This came out of several brainstorming sessions that I recently have had with some fellow bootstrappers from Bootstap Austin. I have found that it is always a good idea to surround yourself with super smart, creative entrepreneurs and to always keep an open mind to what others have to say. Great things can come from someone with a fresh perspective.

Many of the bloggers out there today have added Donation buttons to their site to generate a little money to cover expenses. Not everyone is fortunate enough to get the advertising dollars like the big blog sites. They feel that if the people are getting value by continually coming to the site, then there shouldn’t be anything wrong with requesting people make a donation. After all, it is only a request.

I agree. I think ultimately it is all about producing value and getting paid for it. The people that believe this way are the people that actually click the donation button and make a contribution to something that they believe in or that they got value from.

Now… how can I apply that to what I am up to?

Well, I know that there are a lot of people that are tired of the mainstream films that are coming out today. More and more people are turning to REAL independent films to wet their thirst for thought-provoking, moving content. They want films that make them laugh or that make them cry. Often those are hard to come by though and many just give up watching movies altogether and turn to reality tv shows. Crap. Crap and more crap. They buy in that they can’t make a difference and that is all there is.

I actually believe that people should be given the opportunity to contribute to the types of content that they want to see. Maybe a donation button is just the thing to have people feel like they do have a say in the types of content that are created and they can feel good knowing that they contributed to something that would actually be worth watching.

I would like to encourage you to come find out more about bootstrapping your film at the 1st Bootstrap Film Fest on June 26, 2008. We will continue to explore how constraints cause innovation and who knows maybe with a fresh perspective you will create something even better.

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